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End-Time Harvesters is a Business and Ministry designed to provide products; Books, Movies, TV Programs, Videos, Clothing and whatever would help to enhance people’s Relationship with the Lord. We recognize that we are at an important juncture in God's Prophetic Clock. Our goal is to provide resources which will enhance your Relationship with the Lord and to Maximize your “Eternal Reward.”

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Kevin Alexander

The Man that Hears from God…

   The Man that Speaks to God…



Men... GOD's Representative: The Truth About Males

It is important that we understand that Genesis is not a Creation Story, but a Colonization Story.


God sent His Representative to earth, in the form of a male, to put the Invisible God on display. We need to find out what God's Purpose was in making the male and how we can recapture that Purpose and fulfill God's Will.

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I’m excited to share my new book...
     Women… GOD’s ‘Secret’ Weapon!


This powerful resource sheds light on the profound impact Women have on society and shines a spotlight on their essential role in God’s Plan. I believe that every man seeking God should give this book to the Women in his life to help them to understand God’s Will, and Purpose for them. – Kevin Alexander


Women... GOD's "Secret" Weapon - A unique look on Women that changes the “Christian” and “Cultural” understanding of this magnificent Creation of God.

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God...The Great Communicator

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This book empowers the reader to recognize that God communicates with people worldwide. As a matter of fact God is a Communicator by nature, His nature. To believe in the Bible, one has to recognize and receive that the entire biblical narrative came as a direct result of God communicating with people…

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Thy Kingdom Come

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We celebrate the Victory that we have, and that God has manifested! We begin Eternity! We know that after 1,000 years, satan is loosed for a season. We know that we have the Victory! There is no doubt! There is no sickness! There is no depression! There are no physical ailments! Strength is the norm!

We begin to understand that we helped the Lord to win this Victory. Some of us have died physically to be martyrs, others have died to themselves to be Spiritual Martyrs, but we realize that we gave our lives to see this manifested. Now begins the Eternal Celebration of God!

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Loving God Back: Two Hearts are Always Better Together... Forever

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We have not been told that The True and Living God wants a Love Relationship with you.

For this reason He is giving you a FREE eBook to teach you to respond to His offer of Love.

We no longer have to look for Love in all the wrong places but to realize that He is Love.


Thank you for your interest in the G3 Giveaway! We have modified our Giveaway and are now offering the four eBooks with a 50% Discount. The Giveaway was viable for one full year and many people took advantage of it. However, the Lord is directing us to provide the eBooks at a 50% Discount moving forward. We thank you for your interest.


This is God's Gift to you! We are excited to fulfill the Lord’s mandate to build a Global Army of Believers that wield His Power and Authority. God wants you to be familiar with His “Spiritual Assets”. Please accept these gifts and the Lord will commence a new Relationship with you and grow you to reach the Measure of the Stature of Christ’s Fullness (Ephesians 4). He was the Fullness of the Godhead Bodily. It is only through deception that we have not understood this. This has always been the Father’s goal for you. These books inspire “Hope” based upon “Divine Truth”.

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End-Time Harvesters Publishing and Productions, along with our Foundational Strategic Partners, invite you to Participate in...

"Understanding God..."


This event has ended. Please click the link below to view the Facebook Playlist.


Join us, and receive, Teaching and Training that will give you an In-depth Understanding of the Person of God. He says in His Word, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" of Him. You will receive Teaching and Training to Understand God in a new way.

***These Services are generally streamed via   Facebook Live.***

S T R A T E G I C . P A R T N ER . E V E N T S


Greatest Move of God's Spirit in Central Florida, the United States, and the World.

Our Commission from the Lord is to gather together the people of Central Florida who understand and know their God and desire to partner with Him to fulfill His Will in our area.


Please feel free to participate in any of our upcoming services (TBD).


If you are an Intercessor, we invite you to join our Kingdom Global Intercessory Group. You can receive Kingdom Global Intercessory Training. REGISTER HERE.



Jesus (Yeshua) Is Alive - Live Training
This Live Training is a Master's Class in Understanding Revival... How to Provoke God to Move... and How to Maintain Revival. Biblical confirmation and Godly revelation will be the focus.


The Live Training sessions for May 22nd - May 24th have completed. The Dates, Times and Registration for future Live Training sessions will be posted, as they are scheduled. Please feel free to participate in any of our Upcoming Services or Events (TBD).


In order to prepare you for the Live Training, we've provided four Pre-Training Messages. Please take the time to view them prior to attending the Training. VIEW THEM HERE



Heart 2 Heart

You can ask God whatever you desire to ask God, and He will answer.


***These services were streamed via Facebook Live.***


O T H E R . R E S O U R C E S


This is God's Gift to you.

"The Truth About Revival in Central Florida" - A 4-Part Series



A T T E N T I O N  .  I N T E R C E S S O R S
If you are an Intercessor, we invite you to join our Kingdom Global Intercessory Group. You can receive Kingdom Global Intercessory Training.

We are excited for you to join the team of Believers who are available to Almighty God to fulfill His Will and manifest His Desire to move in Central Florida.


Jesus (Yeshua) Is Alive - Live Training - Pre-Training Messages

In order to prepare you for the Live Training, we've provided the following Pre-Training Messages:


  • Who Am I?
  • What Is God Saying?
  • What Is God Doing?
  • How Can We Participate?


A visitation of god with kevin alexander

A Visitation of God is a part of the Move of God’s Spirit that the Lord is manifesting in the “Last Days”. This is where the Lord manifests Himself and Empowers people to Know their God and to Increase in the Knowledge of God. Our commission is to help people to Maximize their Eternal Reward.


Join our Foundational Partner, Kevin Alexander Ministries for their next Event (Dates & Locations to be Announced). Registration is Required for each Individual Session.

Please be advised, we are Campaigning and Recruiting!