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“This book is amazing. I have never read a book where I experienced God’s presence to the degree I did. As I got further into the book the presence got stronger. I also experienced a change in my life which was noticed by those close to me.”

– T. Thomas

“Amazing Revelations from Father God to his servant Kevin Alexander in helping us to be Spiritual Beings!! God’s Amazing Love so manifested in these Revelations and How much He desires relationship with us!!!!!! Wow!!!! Truly Amazing Love!!! Thank you Kevin for your level of Surrender Faithfulness and Obedience to our Lord!!!!!”

– A. Cardona

“Saturated with Scriptures, and fortified by the spiritual experiences of one man’s seasoned and romantic relationship with GOD, “What Time Is It?” is a unique message filled with hope and encouragement for our times. When all around us is failing, GOD beckons us to “Come up hither,” and see what is going on from HIS perspective.

The result is a clarion call to become a spiritual people in the image and likeness of Christ. May this book help you to please HIM better, and you to enjoy HIM more.”


“Reading the book "What Time Is It?" left me feeling love, encouragement, hopeful, inspired and challenged all at the same time. It clearly fulfilled its purpose of helping you understand the book of the Revelation of Jesus the Christ. There are so many different aspects and components of the book that offer a multitude of resources to understanding God's purpose and plans for those that choose to walk with Him. I will use this book as a tool to go to a new level of my relationship with God and highly recommend it to anyone that is committed to going to a new place in God.”

– C. Holman

“I personally have never read a book like this. It made me seek the Lord in a new way. Also helped me understand the Book of Revelations like never before. When I was taught about Revelations before it was kind of a scary thing. But reading this book I was taught that “The Book of Revelation of Jesus, the Christ is a series of visions, and each needing a interpretation”. When you read this book make sure you read the references to go along with it. It will help you understand the Bible in a whole new way.”

– B. Thomas

“This book gives me so much insight into what’s going on spiritually in the Bible and in the world, compared to just reading it with natural eyes. The interpretations and teaching on the book of Revelations is something that I’ve never read or heard of before anywhere else, but I have learned so much from. I appreciate the clarity and perspective from God’s point of view versus the basic logical Christian point of view.”

– P. N.

“If you’re looking for the truth look no further! Not only will you learn the truth you will begin a relationship with The Truth (Jesus the Christ) OR this book may take you deeper into your current relationship with Him. In any case when you read it, it will challenge your current mindset, and blow it up and tear down the faulty so that only the truth will remain. I love that You can actually feel the heart of the author as he writes his experiences and what the Lord has showed and spoken to him. This book is unlike any other book you have ever read because you can feel God’s presence with you as you do.”

– L. Cardona

“'What Time Is It?' is an outstanding revelation of what God wants to accomplish in the Earth, and it provides us with a spiritually mature understanding of what God has had planned before the foundation of the Earth.”

– A. Ventura