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A. Please don’t be offended by the first part of my answer. Read my whole answer. First, your belief or disbelief is irrelevant to whether my Experiences and Relationship with the Lord is real. Second, I’m not sharing these things with you for you to believe me, but to seek God for yourself. Third, if I haven’t been clear, I apologize to you. I’m writing these things so that you receive that you can have these Experiences and this Relationship with God.

A. Others are having these Experiences. However, they are not having as many Experiences. Many people are having some of these Experiences. I am having many of them. I share in the book that God says He is doing a new thing. The question is, are we going to discern whether it is God?

Enoch, Noah, Job, Moses, Joshua, Debra, Esther, Daniel, Elijah, Peter, Paul, and others had Experiences with the Lord that were unique. He even says that there was none like Job on Earth (Job 2:3). All these servants were unique and allowed God to prepare and use them uniquely. This is a pattern throughout scripture.

Please look up Katt Kerr, Rick Joyner, and others on YouTube. You will find those who've had some of these Experiences, and you can also look up Satanists who have had many experiences with Satan and in hell.

Any experience that anyone else has had, you can have. If you meet God's requirements, and He gives you Clearance and Approval, you can experience anything that has been experienced and things that have never been experienced with any other person, like the unique individuals that I enumerated.

A. I can only respond to this by saying that I have been seeking God in Personal Relationship for over 35 years. During that time, I asked the Lord to show me the Truth about Heaven and hell. One of the most important things is I have developed a very Personal and Intimate Relationship with God. He has always used Jesus as my standard, and so I've always tried to emulate the Relationship between the Father and Jesus. Secondly, the Lord told me that I have traveled in a Relationship with Him or got to know Him and paid the price to know Him that most others would not pay.

Still, I don't feel as though I earned the right or privilege to have these Experiences. I believe that what I'm experiencing has more to do with the “Time” that we're living in and how God wants to reveal Himself to you and the world.

A. My expectation is not that you believe me. Your belief or unbelief is irrelevant. I am encouraging you to seek God for yourself so that you can have these Experiences, also.

Think about if there are millions of people all over the world who are having these Experiences with God. This would change the world! My goal is for you to experience these things with millions of people and billions of people all over the world. If I can help you in any way, I am open and available to do so. I have been given over 100 books to assist you in having these Experiences.

A. First, I believe that we have fallen away from God to such a degree that we are not seeing these things on a consistent basis. Second, Jesus said the works that He does, we shall do also, and “greater works” will we do because He goes to the Father (John 14:12). This means He paid the price for us to do the works that He did.

I take God at His Word, and over the years, He has confirmed to me through many Experiences, Spiritual and physical, and has repeatedly encouraged me to go to places in Relationship with Him that many will not go. The price or cost, death to self, is too high for most. The result of this is that He can do anything He wants to do with me. I trust Him implicitly (Proverbs 3:5)!

A. I have seen God manifest some of these things in my life; however, not the fullness of what I'm communicating. Also, I am not communicating these things for you to think of me as being some great one. I am communicating these things to encourage you and the billions of people that can wield the Authority and Power of God, so we can change the world and bring God's Kingdom to Earth (Luke 11:2, John 6:63).

A. The entire Book of The Revelation of Jesus, the Christ, as well as the Bible, is the history of mankind having these relationships. In the Book of The Revelation of Jesus the Christ, John is interacting with the Father, the Son, the Spirit, Angels, demons, the dragon or Satan, and every other “Being” that I talk about having a relationship or interaction with.

God tells us in the Bible, He is no respecter of men’s person. Anything that anybody else has done is available for anyone else to do, including you! Do you realize when you pray to God, you are interacting with a Spiritual Being (Spirit)? Do you realize that a Spirit dwells inside of you if you are a believer and have received Christ and been born again? His Name is Holy Spirit. He dwells inside of every believer on Earth in Spiritual form (Ezekiel 36:26-27).