Our Story

Kevin very quickly excelled in sales with the help of the Lord and was promoted to manager in 3 1/2 years. During this time, Kevin noticed that his love for God had not waned, but many of the teachings he found to be inferior, and they lacked the substance to continue to enhance his Relationship with the Lord. He had a crisis of faith!

Our story begins 55 years ago, when Kevin's grandmother took him to church to ensure he had the foundation of God in his life. He was involved in many pursuits in the church, like the choir, plays, and many other things that his grandmother made sure that he participated in. One of the exciting experiences for him and the reason why he was motivated to go to church was that he would feel the presence of God. He was told repeatedly that the Lord had a special plan for his life. He didn't understand what this meant, but he loved God and felt as though God was his Father. He believed the stories that were told to him in the song that said, “Jesus loves me; this I know for the Bible tells me so little ones to him belong. They are weak, but he is strong.”

Growing up, Kevin had a sincere love for God, but he was exposed to many teachings that were supposed to be truth, but he found that many of the teachings didn't help him to have an Intimate Relationship with God. During his sophomore year in college, the Lord visited him and told Kevin to live his life according to God's word. Kevin didn't know how to understand this dream, so he sought his mother to give him understanding. His mother's response was, “The devil sure wouldn't tell you to live your life according to the word of God.” After graduating from Drew University with a degree in economics, Kevin was seeking God's will for his life. He was involved in various career opportunities like managing a real estate company, owning a detailing company, and ultimately working for Hoffman LaRoche Pharmaceutical Company.

He sought his mother to get some understanding of what he was going through, and she suggested that he look at someone on television. Kevin watched the television program which was called “This Is Your Day” with Pastor Benny Hinn. The Lord instructed Kevin to buy the books titled “The Anointing” and “Good Morning Holy Spirit.”

Kevin was on his way to Boston, Massachusetts, and he took the book on the plane. He opened it up, and the Lord manifested His power upon Kevin, and it totally changed his life. The manifestation of God’s power would propel Kevin to go through God’s preparation and know how to train others. The Lord has taught him that you preach to the unbeliever, teach the believer, but you train the disciple.

Kevin attended Bible school, was involved in street ministry, ministered at prisons, etc., but still found that all of the activity did not enhance his Relationship with the Lord. He sought the Lord diligently and surrendered his life to the Lord. Kevin asked him to be the Lord of his life. At that point, Kevin began to have many experiences.

The Lord then told Kevin to leave Hoffman LaRoche and come down to Florida to go through his training for ministry. During the succeeding 25 years, Kevin had many experiences, started churches, started ministries, operated as a missionary in Missouri, conducted revival services, had TV shows, had radio shows, and many other things to help others to grow in their Relationship with the Lord.

In 2017, the Lord told Kevin that he needed a “robust” spirit to handle the experiences that He would have. Since that time in Africa when God strengthened his spirit, Kevin has had hundreds of heavenly experiences, experiences throughout the Earth, and experiences in hell. He writes about these things for the Lord and to assist people who have the same experiences. The Lord began to communicate to Kevin that the Commission that God had for him was to help people to maximize their Eternal Rewards. The Lord took Kevin through a series of preparation processes that led to Kevin opening a publishing company.

The Lord gave Kevin 108 books which he is in the process of writing, all designed to enhance people's Relationship with the Lord, to empower them to be in an intimate Relationship with the Lord, and to maximize their Heavenly Reward. He wrote nine books in the month of December 2021 alone.

It is Kevin’s desire to be so surrendered to God that God can use him to touch people's lives in any way God chooses. He takes the statement that D.L. Moody said very seriously, “The world is yet to see a man who is totally surrendered to God.” Kevin has committed to the Lord to be that person.

God connected Kevin with a host of others who desired the same thing. This group of individuals from various backgrounds, demographics, and life experiences is the group that is providing resources to transform the lives of human beings and to fulfill the Earthly Purpose and Eternal Purpose of God.

We pray that you would have an open heart and an open mind and receive the truth that God has provided Kevin. These revelations come from the age to come and eternity. This is the perspective that God has given Kevin to teach and to provide hindsight, insight, and foresight to the will, purpose, and plan of God for the human family.