Our Leadership


Kevin Alexander has an apostolic prophetic anointing and is a messenger that the Lord has raised up in the last days to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. Having received his call through a series of prophetic experiences he has accepted the role that the Lord has commissioned him to in this important hour of the Lord’s prophetic time clock. The focus of his ministry is to assist the body of Christ to grow to the measure of the stature of Christ’s fullness. He feels that only when people truly understand God’s glorious call to full Sonship can a person truly give all to the Lord. This is necessary for the Father to fulfill His Eternal Plan for, in, and through man.

Kevin has started churches, trained leaders, helped to start church unity services, ministered in area wide crusades, ministered in a nine (9) month revival service, conducted Marriage and Relationship Seminars, Schools of Prophecy and hosted radio and television programs. He has been trained in the corporate world, first selling then managing for Hoffmann La Roche.

Heavenly Resume

  • 25 years of Walking with God
  • Over 1500 Experiences in Heaven
  • 30+ Experiences in hell
  • Multiple Experiences throughout the world

Kevin has prophesied and/or predicted the Reelection of Barack Obama, the Election of Donald Trump, the Overturn of Roe versus Wade (Ten years prior), Births, Deaths, and he has also been a source to let people know whether their loved ones made it to Heaven or not. Kevin also has to his credit many prophecies or predictions about many, many other things. His ministry is a proven prophetic ministry. His main focus is to Empower people in their Personal Relationship with the True and Living God. He teaches that God is above every religion, every tribe, every language, and every culture that exists on earth.

Kevin is also the author of many books including: "What Time Is It?", "It Is Time", "A Divine Communication from Heaven, Earth, and Hell", "Loving God Back", "The Entrance Into the Heavenly Realm", “God’s Global Agenda”, and “God’s Eternal Agenda”. He also constructed Training Manuals for "What Time Is It?" and "It Is Time" to be used in Training Sessions. He is currently in the process of writing 300+ new books and looking forward to their release. Titles such as, "Thy Kingdom Come", “GOD’s Response to The Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, Fallen Angels, and Hybridization”, “Understanding the Holy Spirit", "The Seven Habits of Highly Spiritual People" and "99 Ways God Communicates with Man". He is also developing a variety of curricula to train men and women to maximize the Lord’s purpose in their lives and to maximize their “Eternal Reward.”

Kevin believes that the “Move of God in the Marketplace” is a "Major Thrust of the Spirit of God." God’s End-time Financial Plan includes taking dominion in the financial arena to generate finances to propagate the Gospel, to “all the world”. He is the CEO of End-Time Harvesters Publishing and Productions, a Business and Ministry that provides resources designed to help people enhance their Relationship with the Lord. Also, Kevin is the owner and CEO of Aetos Sportswear, Inc.

Kevin is a graduate with a degree in Economics from Drew University, and a Doctorate of Ministry from the Integrity School of Ministry.

Kevin has been in ministry for over 36 years.